Hydromemories is a nomadic and flexible exhibition, a laboratory of images which brings together international artists who have dedicated a part of their research to the theme of water.
It is an event that makes the public aware of an urgent, present-day global matter. An open field to confrontation and reflection, the Hydromemories project is presented in different spaces each time and welcomes a different body of artistic works in each situation.

First exhibited in a former swimming pool in Berlin, then in the frame of the Berlin Water Fair; and at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Caracas, the 2012 exhibition in Turin was hosted in an annex of the Museum of Natural Sciences, with the installations located between display documents and cabinets.

Hydromemories proposes images and visions of our time. The artists who collaborate and are part of the online archive seek to investigate and challenge themselves and the public to question present-day mythologies and the meaning and function of water in the dramatic environmental context of these first decades of XXI century. Through installations realized by some of the artists, Hydromemories concretely supports the work of Engineers without Borders, as well as other NGO's working on hydric resources, whose projects employ innovative yet simple engineering methods in order to provide much needed low cost solutions to water access: such as the construction of water tanks in the rural community of Kagera in Tanzania and the rehabilitation of Water Wells in Niger.