Anak & monoperro
This One

Participatory installation

‘This One’ is an installation consists of 60 glasses filled with water arranged on a table On the base of each glass there is a phrase written, that the participant can read when drinking the water.

Each phrase is a written possibility to the instruction: “Drink this one if...” - if you are famous, if you want to stop, if you are okay, if you are thirsty, if you are late, if you can’t decide, etc.

The phrases immediately positions the participant in an internal dialogue of choice, connecting intuitively with the option that best reflects their mood, needs, ambitions, feelings, etc.

The chosen phrase becomes material and essential when the participant drinks it, integrating this conscious act into their body.‘This One’ is as an ordered and static cosmos of possibilities, that gradually disperses itself allowing these possibilities, like seeds to germinate in the people that have choose them.

‘This One’ was produced for the group show ‘Art on the Table’ at the Instituto Cervantes London in February 2011

Link to the video