Daniela Bozzetto


In the simple and yet complex relationship with water my interest is in what science can't reveal. Water is not just a matter of utilization/exploitation, neither a model of abundance or scarcity, but life itself. It goes beyound it's religious, social or political implications. My approach to the environment is empathetic. Nature manifests itself. its revelation is sensed on a deeper level, it doesn't need a commentary. The images don't analyze nor explain, on the contrary they open to questions and to the infinite range of personal and cultural associations. The images are both welcoming and unsettling. What seems at first sight pure water shows elements that suggest something else. something at the same time welcoming and disturbing where the limit between organic and decomposed is uncertain. It's not clear if what we see occours naturally of it's determined by chemical treatments. The motionless water could evoke oneiric atmospheres or predispose to a contemplative state. The dreamlike flora relate to our personal imagery. We can look at it as to skies in baroque painiting, atomic mushrooms, sacred lotus flowers or merely as substances produced by micro organisms. It can trigger opposite sensations: its turbid and sensuous beauty is in balance between attraction and repulsion. The images have a highly evocative power. Like a vision they lead to a borderline, without revealing the arcane. (All the pictures are real shots, taken with natural light, non computer manipulated).

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