Ellie Doney
Applied Dreaming - CHAPTER IV

Glass, polyurethane foam, paint

Panta Rei: everything flows. This comes from the Greek philosopher Heraclitus, who uses water as an analogy. Saying nothing is constant except change; you can step in the same river twice but it will never be the same water.

This work is a vision of the undercurrents of matter, the sensuality that is implicit in raw materials. Through ideas of becoming or changing states, liquidity and solidity, I find a way to materialise our nature - our own physicality, our consciousness, internal forces, fears and desires.

I like the notion that matter’s identity has a liquid quality – its meaning is fluid, with undercurrents and depths beneath its formal or everyday self. These exist in our imaginations and perceptual memories. I see these nuances, as material's unconscious.

For me, this dialogue is located where science meets art, and is where I see my work existing. It is my way to talk about the stuff of the world, it’s beauty, and awfulness, its history, its potential, these threads of meaning in matter and it’s behaviour. Matter is machinery, stuff that empires are built on, and destroyed for the sake of.

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