Llobet & Pons
The Morse Code Sprinklers Test

Intervention in public space

The Morse Code Sprinklers Test is an installation consisting of two sprinklers set on timers spraying water on the windows outside of the Irish Museum of Modern Art, their syncopated rhythm is a prototype for the development of a series of projects which will use Morse code. Llobet & Pons are experimenting with the boundaries of how Morse code can be transmitted, imagining and adapting this mode of communication to unexpected objects and situations.

A system has been created that brings water for the sprinklers from a sink located in one of IMMA’s public toilets, the water is brought to the exhibition space via two garden hoses hanging externally on the main entrance façade to the Museum. The Morse Code Sprinklers Test contains a playful component dealing with the issues of waste and its regulations, it also introduces a noisy and somehow violent element in the traditional “silence” of the museum.

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