When making ‘gimble in the wabe’, I was essentially interested in capturing a sensation, tied together within a certain aesthetic and physical movement. The sensation I was after was very simple and had something to do with forms and space being caught in a continual state of flux, a sensation of concrete forms dissolving and reforming in a very natural kind of fashion. The moving image lends itself perfectly to the generation of fictional space and the fabrication of another world where time and space can be played with and turned on its head. We, as viewers, are so accustomed to the format that we easily suspend disbelief and enter willingly into the world that is presented to us on the screen.  As I was not interested in constructing a narrative or working within a timeline structure I decided for a looped format, where you wouldn’t be certain of the beginning or end of the work or if you had already seen a particular sequence in the video or not. I was also after a specific kind of abstract imagery, both dark and at times beautiful, imagery that you could get lost in, without really knowing why.


Link to the video