Miro Soares
Feeding Amazon


FEEDING AMAZON is an audiovisual project composed by a series of photographs and videos based on the waterscapes (and also landscapes) along three rivers in Rondônia that runs up north to feed the Amazon River in Brazil. The rivers are: Madeira, Guaporé and Jamari. It intends to reveal other geographies and other aspects around the region of the Amazon River that are not so visible (like the issues related to the hydroelectric project currently in construction in the region). Most of the images that are show by the media are made in the State of Amazônas and Pará when the river has its final configuration, its characteristic colour and huge volume of water. The intent in this project is to make visible the diversity of water paths that exists before they turn to be the well-known Amazon River. We will see the differences between three kinds of river (by water volume, colour, and vegetation). These will give us wider amplitude and variation in terms of images and of representation of the region.

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