Sabine Delafon


Breathing (from the serie Attenti "Be Careful!")

"Be Careful!" is a series of works started in 2000. They are an evolution of the artist's collection of balls of snow, beghinning in 1987, kitsch objects souvenir, which enclose little worlds. At the beghinning, they are assemblages of glass, closed, water and formaldehyde containing with religious objects. In 2004 become portraits of people friendly. For "Be Careful!", 2009, she creates portraits of historical characters, mixing and combining elements with the theme of spirituality.
The work "Breathing" from the series "BeCareful!" 2010 that proposes Sabine Delafon is made of glass, water and formaldehyde. As the title is the great mystery of the breath of life. Water is the source of life. It's at the same time very strong and extremely fragile.

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