Vanessa Daws
Swim to Work Day -
An experiment in beating the morning traffic.
Video of a performance, 3.58 minutes

While on my artist’s residency at Kilkenny Arts Office, the opportunity to swim to work became apparent as the Arts Office sits right on the banks of The River Nore in Kilkenny's city centre. This was too good an opportunity to let pass by. Inspired by the John Cheever’s short story “The Swimmer” where Ned Merrill decides to swim home through the line of suburban swimming pools on route, I have always fancied the idea of being able to swim as a mode of transport.
From my accommodation I was able to walk down to Green’s Bridge and swim up The Nore right up to the council buildings on John Street, a distance of approximately 1km. I filmed “Swim to Work Day” from my own viewpoint using a camera attached to my head, connecting the viewer to my experience of the journey, This piece aims to highlight alternative modes of commuting and also show the tranquility and beauty from a unique perspective of The River Nore.

Link to the video