Jung-Ki Beak


Jung-Ki Beak travel to countries and examine the local river water to know about its cities and citizens, as the river is linked with its city historically, industrially and ecologically. River water keeps every substance used from industrial, household, agricultural and environmental activities in its city. It also contains natural materials such as plant, anther dust, moss, and microbe, which are connected with climate, ecosystem and also industrial changes in the region. He therefore collect water from the river and observe it through microscope to find out the industrial and ecological condition in the city. Under the microscope, there are various substances in the water, such as industrial dust, waste, pollen, mould, moss, microbes, animal excrement and so on. Believe it or not, they all seem to tell me something with their figures and movements, as nature speaks to us with its own language. They could be analyzed in various ways as they have an abstract form to extend their meanings and symbols, and it is the beginning of a conversation with rivers so as to discover the region.