Maciek Dyczkowski


A head slowly glides on the still water surface without disturbing it. Only the head and the still water.It appears to cast an idealistic calm over the swimmer. A beautiful warm light falls on his head. Wonderful colours and the reflected face in the water. It casts a calm. The facial expression is suspiciously tense. He stares ahead into the distance with clenched teeth. Suddenly a hand dives like a fighter plane over his back...
The object of the film is the aggression fear of cotact and between people which develops within confined spaces, in this case a swimming bath. The film observes the the behaviour of the people at a moment of extreme nearness and welling up of strong emotions. Each stands blindly by his right to occupy the place he has paid for. The swimming bath is not spacious. Numerous people from differing social backgrounds, ages and temperaments mith differing swimming abilities come up against each other in the narrow lanes.
The question is whether the behaviour patterns of the inhabitants of the eco-system swimming bath are the cause of a negative aura (mood) within the group, or is consequence of it.